Earth View

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yet Another Bush Fire

Whilst it is no longer news that the US Administration is keen to take what is not theirs from others around the world, it is still suprising how willing they are to line their pockets at the expense of their own nation.

One might think that an organisation called 'The Forest Service' was there to care for forests but, when cash is king, it apparently exists to promote logging.

The Forest Service was quoted as being "very disappointed" by a recent court ruling that has (for the time being at least) stopped their plan to begin commercial logging in the US's Giant Sequoia National Monument, home to two-thirds of the world's largest trees.

A spokesman for The Forest Service, a Mr Mathes, explained that the proposed logging would be restricted to "trees up to 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) in diameter" and was aimed at "protecting the Sequoia trees from wildfire". He stressed that the Forest Service had "no plans to allow logging of giant Sequoias". "Over the years, fire suppression efforts have allowed the Sequoia forests to become overgrown with smaller trees that can catch fire and put the giant trees at risk", Mathes said.

A rather confusing argument - so, the current plan is designed to protect the trees from the fire risk created by The Service's previous "fire suppression efforts" - they want to cut dowm trees in order to protect trees and it's nothing to do with the money after all.

Ah, more monkey business!